I’m the chair of the board at the Cascade Bicycle Club and I want to be reelected to the board for a second term.

Please ask me questions in the comments section at the bottom of this post. I will respond to your questions via new posts.

My candidate statement:

I’ve been on the Cascade board for nearly 3 years, the last two as the chair of the board. Why do I want to be reelected to the board? Because I want to continue creating more and safer riding opportunities for everyone who cycles or would like to cycle: commuters, recreational cyclists, those running errands, and anyone else wanting to use two wheels. The community needs safer and more bike routes, well maintained roads and trails, more alert, aware drivers, and more bicycles on the road. The club has proven its mettle in all these areas, and has the size and power to continue getting results as it strives to do more and more.

During my time on the board the club has increased riding opportunities. As just a sampling of its increased growth and reach, the club has dramatically grown its daily rides program, created two new event rides, helped local cities to pass safe streets laws and regulations, grown the Commute Challenge run in May, developed the BizCycle program to certify businesses that support bicycle commuting by employees, and created the Advocacy Leadership Institute to train new bicycle advocates.

The club is facing a huge transition with the passing of the baton from Chuck Ayers to Elizabeth Kiker. I am very excited about the selection of Elizabeth Kiker as the club’s new Executive Director, and was on the search committee that hired her. Elizabeth will bring new ideas, methods, and insights to the club. My reelection will help bring stability to the board and club, serving a stable bridge between the old and the new.

I remain committed to advocacy that has the goal of changing the laws and culture to work for us, and not just for cars. For example, bicycle trails, completing the “Missing Link,” road diets, traffic signals that detect bikes , harsher penalties for Driving While Distracted, and the “Idaho rolling stop” all improve safety, and all require government action in the form of laws and budgets. The Cascade Bicycle Club must continue its leadership in advocacy, as well as its collaboration with other advocacy groups such as the Bicycle Alliance of Washington.

One of my pet projects at Cascade has been the complete renewal of its website and data technologies. By December you should be experiencing a modern website instead of the ancient system we have now.

I serve on the boards of both non-profit (I’m currently a board member at Climate Solutions and the Washington Environmental Council) and for-profit organizations. I understand governance, strategy, tactics, and group dynamics.

Follow and question me at http://www.WeiseForCBC.com.

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